It can’t be all bad, right?

To date we've spent a number of posts exploring the possible downside of a technology like EMPATHY becoming commonplace in our world. In this post, however, I'd like to flip the narrative and examine the potential benefits of being able to access the internet directly in one's mind. From there, we'll take a look at… Continue reading It can’t be all bad, right?

August Update – EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn

We're another month closer to the break of a new day. There's been a sizable increase in traction since our last monthly update, both here on the blog and on the pages of the EMPATHY series manuscripts themselves. What has that traction looked like specifically, you ask? Hot Topics Our most popular blog post in the… Continue reading August Update – EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn

Hacking and Hacktivism: Speculative Applications

In last week's post, we covered hacktivism in the real world and got to better know the most formidable group of hacktivists in the EMPATHY series universe: the Merry Hacksters. The primary difference between, say, the Merry Hacksters and a real-life group like Anonymous is that the former exists in a speculative world rife with new possibilities… Continue reading Hacking and Hacktivism: Speculative Applications

Hacktivism IRL + Beyond

Anonymous. LulzSec. fSociety. The Merry Hacksters. Black hat or white, real or fictional, it makes no difference: hacktivism is here to stay. As we approach the end of the century's second decade, tech-based vigilantism has become entrenched in our digitally connected society, a connection that would only be furthered by the introduction of the internet directly… Continue reading Hacktivism IRL + Beyond

Update: EMPATHY Book One (Imminent Dawn)

I'm glad to report that as of this morning, my final version of EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn is off to my editor! To celebrate, here are some fun facts about the manuscript: EMPATHY was originally written in 2013 as a short story inspired by Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes Subsequent drafts grew to include two point-of-view characters before… Continue reading Update: EMPATHY Book One (Imminent Dawn)