EMPATHY Series – December Updates

It's been some time since I've done an overview of the status for the EMPATHY series' five books, and what better time to do this than the final month of the year? With that in mind, let's take each book one by one going chronologically by tentative release date. Imminent Dawn Book one, Imminent Dawn, is still set… Continue reading EMPATHY Series – December Updates

EMPATHY Series: November Updates

It's been a while since I've done an explicit, thorough update on where each book in the series stands, and with so much happening in the world of EMPATHY right now, this feels like a good moment to touch base with it all. Let's take each book one at a time in order of release,… Continue reading EMPATHY Series: November Updates

And it’s Off! EMPATHY: Mourning Dove Now Out for Assessment

As of last week, the second book in the EMPATHY series, EMPATHY: Mourning Dove, is out to my editor at NineStar Press for assessment. As a result, sometime in the next twelve weeks, we should have confirmation of its status and a more firm idea of when it might be released. In other news, I'll begin to more… Continue reading And it’s Off! EMPATHY: Mourning Dove Now Out for Assessment

August Update – EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn

We're another month closer to the break of a new day. There's been a sizable increase in traction since our last monthly update, both here on the blog and on the pages of the EMPATHY series manuscripts themselves. What has that traction looked like specifically, you ask? Hot Topics Our most popular blog post in the… Continue reading August Update – EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn