Coming Soon: Imminent Dawn Character Reveal

We're now only 48 days from the release of Imminent Dawn, and beginning next week, you'll get to meet its four main characters face to face---so to speak. Starting on Monday, December 17th, you'll be introduced to the epic EMPATHY sci-fi saga's art-school dropout protagonist, along with the ruthless tech magnate, the advancement-hungry administrative assistant, and the… Continue reading Coming Soon: Imminent Dawn Character Reveal

EMPATHY Series – December Updates

It's been some time since I've done an overview of the status for the EMPATHY series' five books, and what better time to do this than the final month of the year? With that in mind, let's take each book one by one going chronologically by tentative release date. Imminent Dawn Book one, Imminent Dawn, is still set… Continue reading EMPATHY Series – December Updates

The Edits Are In!

This week I received my editor's notes for EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn, which has given me an opportunity to immerse myself in this particular installment of the story for the first time in months. Since the arrival of my editor's input, I've been hard at work to implement her suggested changes, as well as a number… Continue reading The Edits Are In!

The Automation Economy: Where We Are, Where We’re Headed, What We Might Do

Reuters recently reported Chinese company ABB is to open a new facility in which robots will manufacture---wait for it---other robots. This, naturally, might only stoke fears about the threat automation poses to individuals who would have otherwise been performing those jobs. This isn't a new concern; there's been a slow march toward increasingly automated manufacturing… Continue reading The Automation Economy: Where We Are, Where We’re Headed, What We Might Do

Phone, tablet, or something in between?

On the heels of Apple's latest product launch, it seems Apple is willing to join Samsung in testing the limits of just how large a smartphone can get. With screen sizes increasing and consumer demand appearing to meet (or, at product launch, surpass) supply, one wonders just how big can these phones get? Beyond that,… Continue reading Phone, tablet, or something in between?