The Edits Are In!

This week I received my editor's notes for EMPATHY: Imminent Dawn, which has given me an opportunity to immerse myself in this particular installment of the story for the first time in months. Since the arrival of my editor's input, I've been hard at work to implement her suggested changes, as well as a number… Continue reading The Edits Are In!

EMPATHY Series: November Updates

It's been a while since I've done an explicit, thorough update on where each book in the series stands, and with so much happening in the world of EMPATHY right now, this feels like a good moment to touch base with it all. Let's take each book one at a time in order of release,… Continue reading EMPATHY Series: November Updates

EMPATHY and the Truth

Though the EMPATHY series ultimately revolves around its namesake technology, science fiction is but one genre beneath the broader umbrella category of speculative fiction, a sort of catch-all explained well by literary agents Laura Zats and Erik Hane in this episode of the Print Run Podcast. Given that this particular series takes place on a… Continue reading EMPATHY and the Truth